Paddock Groomer, the fast, simple and affordable way to clean up your horse paddocks.

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Every horse and alpaca owner knows what a tedious and physically demanding chore it is to keep horse pastures and alpaca paddocks manure free, however it remains an essential part of good animal health management to regularly remove manure from the paddock to help reduce worm infestation as well as to avoid pastures becoming weedy and sour. Horses and alpacas living in these conditions long-term can become ill (including fatally) due to serious worm burdens while the pasture can also become very clumpy with uneven grass and weed growth and will provide less and less quality and value as a food source.

Traditional methods of manure collection using a wheelbarrow and shovel or gloves are hard work and time consuming and require daily removal before the job quickly becomes too overwhelming to tackle. If the average horse drops anywhere between 8 - 15 manures per day, this soon adds up to ALOT of poo if you get too busy doing other things or miss a few days!

With a Paddock Groomer, you can easily collect and remove horse manure and alpaca poo from your short grazed paddocks every few days, once or twice a week, or as it suits you, saving you time and alot of physical effort, assisting in healthier animals and keeping your fields looking cleaner, healthier and tidier.

Paddock Groomer the fast simple and effective horse manure collector machine

Simply hitch the Paddock Groomer to your quad bike or other towing vehicle. Once in the grazed paddock, wind the brushes down to the correct height ready to start "grooming". As you drive around the paddock over the poo piles, the very strong rotating brush will sweep up horse/alpaca poo and any other general pasture debris that you pass over (such as weed heads, dead grass, leaves, small stones and rubbish) into the collection chamber.
The unique floating spring mechanism means it can be used on both flat and undulating paddocks and the adjustable brush height allows for effective collection without disturbing the soil.

People who own Paddock Groomers are raving about them - see the results for yourself!

  • Fast, Simple, Effective Manure Collection for Healthier Horses and Alpaca Pastures
    - With a Paddock Groomer you can clean your horse/alpaca paddocks quickly and easily while sitting down on your quad bike compared to the traditional, laborious daily method of using a wheelbarrow and shovel. No more feeling overwhelmed looking at grazed paddocks full of days worth of manure build up and wondering how you will find the energy or time to clean it all up! With a Paddock Groomer you may choose to collect manure from the fields every few days, once or twice a week, or whenever it suits you.
    - NO stopping and starting required at every poo like vacuum machines! Everywhere you drive the Paddock Groomer will be sweeping manure and pasture debris into the collection chamber as you pass over the top of it, not just focusing on the individual manure spots like vacuum machines do. It really is an allround pasture cleaner.

Paddock Groomer in action

  • Strong, Durable Yet Lightweight Construction with Simple Use & Maintenance
    The entire body of the Paddock Groomer is made of very strong, durable, weather resistant moulded UV-treated polyethylene plastic which will not rust, rot or fade and is robust for use in all outdoor and farm type settings (life expectancy of over 20 years). Quality galvanised stainless steel chassis and fittings, combined with industrial standard road sweeper type brushes mean your Paddock Groomer requires very little maintenance or care apart from oiling the chain and washing down with water on occasion after use to keep the chain drive, collection tray / chamber and brushes clean and debris free for optimal performance.
    The relatively light weight and size of the Paddock Groomer makes it very manageable for people of all ages and strengths to use and manouevre around. A standard quad bike or ATV can tow a Paddock Groomer with ease, and it is also light enough to be towed by a ride-own mower over fairly flat terrain if required.
    All machines come with an instruction booklet for use and maintenance.

  • No Motor = Eco Friendly! No Additional Fuel Costs, Quiet Use plus Safety.
    Both of our Paddock Groomer models are chain driven pasture sweeper machines, not motor operated. This means the Paddock Groomer is a very eco-friendly machine as there are no additional emissions or fuel costs and very little noise produced by the Paddock Groomer compared to most other manure collectors or pasture sweepers which have their own noisy engine, so it can be used in amongst your animals while they are still in the paddock once they are familiar with seeing it.
    No motor also means it is very safe to use because when the Paddock Groomer is stationary, there are no moving parts. This also means when you stop moving, the brush isn't continuously sweeping which can cause alot of uneccesary damage to the brush, pasture and soil.

  • Easily Towed by a Quad Bike, ATV, or even your Ride-On Mower!
    The Paddock Groomer's compact size and lightweight yet durable construction means it is quite easy to handle and it will not push your towing vehicle around if used on hills or sloping ground. The width has been kept the same size as a standard quad bike to enable easy passing through gateways and around corners, as well as allowing you to easily drive centrally over the poo piles for most effective pickup.

  • Unique Spring Mechanism For Flat and Undulating Paddocks
    The unique floating spring mechanism on the Paddock Groomer allows it to stay closer to the ground and follow contours, ups and downs meaning more effective pickup if your paddocks aren't completely flat or include hills, slopes and bumps.

  • Adjustable Brush Height For No Soil Disturbance
    By using the winding handle to adjust the height of the brush on your Paddock Groomer means that you can collect the horse manure, alpaca poo, weed blooms and small debris from your paddock without disturbing the soil.

The Paddock Groomer can be used on all horse paddock terrain

  • Smoother "Groomed" Paddocks
    As the name suggests, as well as collecting horse manure and alpaca poo, the Paddock Groomer also removes small debris from your paddocks such as leaves, small stones, grass debris, weed heads and rubbish (the Paddock Groomer can pick up cans, paper coffee cups, empty chip bags etc) simply by driving over them while it can also help to smooth over loose dirt clods which are commonly formed in horse paddocks, greatly improving the appearance and functionality of the paddock. Weeds such as docks and buttercup (common in horse paddocks) do not like being run over by the Paddock Groomer which will often damage or break and collect the tops off them helping to delay their growth.

  • Dump the Contents of the Original Groomer Collection Tray Anywhere!
    Another point of difference with the Original model Paddock Groomer compared to many other manure collectors is that manure and debris is collected into a removeable tray (below left) - very similar to a lawn-mower catcher - which means you can remove and empty the tray under fencelines, around trees, onto a trailer to take it away, onto a poo pile or wherever you wish instead of just being dumped on the spot like most other collectors.
    The collection tray is quite easy to remove by letting the back end drop to the ground then tipping over sideways to empty (very similar to emptying a wheelbarrow but without any of the effort of picking it all up and pushing it everywhere!)

    Our Super Groomer model (below right) features an easy dump emptying system that drops collected manure directly into a pile when you open the back lid.

Original Groomer tray being emptied Super Groomer dumping a full load of collected manure

  • New Zealand Made and Manufacturers NZ Warranty.
    Should anything happen to your Paddock Groomer requiring maintenance or repairs, all parts and product manufacture are New Zealand based and can be readily acquired via your Paddock Groomer agents (see Contact page) and repaired either by the manufacturer or with your local engineer / workshop.
    All New Zealand purchased Paddock Groomer's come with a manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty on all parts (under normal use and excluding the brush).
  • Very Competitively Priced. We invite you to compare!
    - Original Groomer (with collection tray): NZ $3450+GST
    - Super Groomer (dump emptying system): NZ $4300+GST

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