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Super Groomer
Standard NZ 1 7/8"
(European 50mm towball coupling OR pin hitch coupling are available on request).
A custom specific towbar will be sent out with all new Paddock Groomers to suit your particular height tow vehicle. (Alternate towbars can be purchased individually.)
Approx 200 - 300 litres, equivilant up to approx 3 wheelbarrows full.
Approx 300 - 600 litres, equivilant up to approx 6 wheelbarrows full.
Simple chain-drive brush sweeper system driven from wheel.
Removeable collection tray that gives versatility to empty tray under fences, into tree surrounds, onto garden, onto a trailer or on a manure pile.
Dump emptying system that drops manure on the spot when the back lid is opened.
UV-treated professionally moulded Polyethelene Plastic (lightweight and tough, wont rot, rust or fade, life expectancy of at least 20 years outside use).
Fully Galvanised steel chassis and stainless steel parts.
Approx 80kg.
Approx 120kg.
1 Year Manufacturers Warranty on all parts under normal use excluding the brush.
Properties with a small number of horses/alpacas or 1 horse per paddock.
The most affordable and popular Paddock Groomer!
Larger equestrian/alpaca properties with multiple animals to collect manure for or those with several horses sharing the same grazing paddock.



Freight to your closest New Zealand freight depot or home address quoted individually depending on your location. Overseas freight quoted individually.


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THE ORIGINAL PADDOCK GROOMER (2018/19 edition)Contact Us now

This compact, lightweight Groomer is a very competitively priced manure sweeper machine ideal for horse and alpaca owners with a small number of animals, or horse owners who have 1 horse per paddock. Also for those who want more choice on where to place the collected manure material.

The Original Paddock Groomer is a very versatile, effective & affordable horse manure collector.

Weighing approximately 80kgs makes it easy to handle and manouevre and means it will not push your quad bike around when used on hills, while the unique spring mechanism in the towbar assists with keeping the Groomer close to the ground when used on slopes and undulating ground. Specifically designed to be no wider than a quad bike makes it very easy to get through gateways and drive directly over manure for pickup.

As you drive around your grazed paddock, the strong rotating brush sweeps manure and small paddock debris such as leaves, stones, loose thatch and weed heads into the back collection chamber. The unique removeable collection tray in the Original Paddock Groomer allows for many options when emptying the collected material - empty under your paddock fenceline, into tree surrounds, onto a poo pile, directly onto the garden or onto a trailer to take away. The tray is similar to emptying a wheelbarrow - slide it out using the hand-hold at the back and tip sideways to empty. Collect the equivilant of 2 - 3 wheelbarrows full at a time without any of the effort required when manually picking up manure with a shovel or the arduos task of pushing a heavy wheelbarrow around every single day!

Original Paddock Groomer on it's way to the paddock for manure collection!Groomer collection tray full of manure and paddock debris
Lightweight & easy to handle. Empty the versatile collection tray under fences, around trees, onto garden or poo pile.

The Original Paddock Groomer is very easy to use, requires minimal maintenance and is one of the most affordable and effective manure collectors available. It makes the ongoing task of mucking out horse manure and alpaca poo covered pastures a quick and simple job a few times per week or whenever suits you - leaving you with more time to spend with your animals and enjoying your lifestyle block.

• THE SUPER GROOMER (2019 edition)

Super size and Super easy! This large capacity Paddock Groomer has been specially designed for the bigger equestrian property and people with several horses or alpacas living together in one paddock. It is also a great option for people who only have time to clean their paddocks on an occasional basis due to the large collection capacity or to clean up after larger groups of horses that you normally wouldn't even attempt by hand! Ideal for busy people with lots of horses or alpacas but no spare time or energy for manual labour but still invested in maintaining healthy pasture and stock.

The Super Groomer - large capacity eco-friendly horse manure collector with simple dump emptying system.

Designed to operate under the same Eco-friendly non-motorised brush sweeper system as our Original model, the Super Groomer has the ability to hold the equivilant of approx 4 to 6 wheelbarrows full of manure at a time. As you drive around your grazed paddock, the strong rotating brush sweeps manure and small paddock debris into the back collection chamber. The easy dump lid emptying system allows for the collected manure and debris to be dropped into a pile when you open the back lid.

The Super Groomer, like the Original Groomer, has a body made from robust weather/rust/rot resistant tough moulded polyethelene plastic which helps keeps the machine relatively lightweight to handle (approx 120kgs), is easily towed by a standard quad bike or ATV yet remains very stable while driving around your paddock. It has also been specifically designed to be no wider than a quad bike making it very easy to get through gateways and drive straight over the manure piles for pickup.

Super Groomer horse manure collector
Easy to tow with quad bike or ATV. Collect, remove & dump large quantities of manure from paddocks at a time.

A proudly New Zealand made machine that offers effective manure and debris pickup from grazed paddocks in large quantities at a time while being super easy easy to use and maintain, and suitable for outdoor use in all conditions.


For further details and to order please contact:
Diana Jamieson, NZ Farm And Lifestyle Solutions
Phone Diana: 021 447725

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